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Swiss Longevity Valley

Swiss Longevity Valley is a leading Longevity Policy Hub and Think Tank, part of Deep Knowledge Group's consortium, working to leverage the national strengths and potentials of Switzerland in order to turn the nation into a world-leading Longevity Hub.

Interfacing with Swiss Longevity Industry Participants to Build a National Swiss Longevity Development Strategy

Supporting the Nation-Wide Launch of Swiss AI Centres
for Precision Health and AI Centres for Financial Wellness

Dedicated to Turning Switzerland into an International Longevity, Preventive Medicine and Precision Health Hub

Swiss Longevity Valley will work with proactive corporate and institutional partners to create a National Swiss Longevity Framework and transform the economic burden of an ageing population into a source of economic growth and increase National Healthy Longevity.

Swiss Longevity Valley Overview


Swiss Longevity Valley Overview, developed by Aging Analytics Agency and Deep Knowledge Analytics, subsidiaries of Deep Knowledge Group designed to highlight Switzerland as the initial virtual capital of Longevity Valley. The overview is aimed to introduce key developments in the Swiss Longevity sphere. This is accomplished by highlighting major Swiss players in the field of Longevity, analyzing existing and projected longevity policies in Switzerland and by providing an overview of underlying demographic and economic data.

Swiss Analytical Reports

DeepTech Cluster

Longevity Cluster



FemTech — The Next Big Thing in Switzerland

'Before we deep dive into the Switzerland FemTech market, it is important to understand ‘what is FemTech’? At FemTech Analytics, a strategic analytical agency focused on the emerging FemTech sector and a subsidiary of UK-based consortium Deep Knowledge Group, we view FemTech as technology empowering women’s health and well-being. ...'

Anastasia Lit, Vice President of Business Development and Investor Relations


Switzerland as an Ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence

'A high level of AI innovation is making Switzerland a global leader in tech, talent, and funding. The alpine country of Switzerland — famous for its luxury watches, delicious chocolate, and fondue — is also home to a closely knit network of leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) research institutes. Their pragmatic collaboration with industrial players results ...'

Alex Cresniov, Director of Deep Knowledge Analytics

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InsurTech Investments Stabilize in Switzerland

'InsurTech - a combination of “insurance” and “technology” -  is a term used for companies that use technology to disrupt the insurance industry. According to those with the knowledge and operational know-how, including individual and institutional investors, the insurance industry is ripe for innovation and disruption. ...'

Alex Cresniov, Director of Deep Knowledge Analytics.

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Switzerland, a Powerhouse in the Longevity Industry

'The term ‘Longevity’ most commonly refers to the length of human lifetime. It has been a topic not only for the scientific community but also for writers of travel, science fiction, and utopian novels. Over the last several years, researchers and scientists have gone beyond simply acknowledging the brevity of human life. ...'

Anastasia Lit, Vice President of Business Development and Investor Relations


The Swiss Longevity Valley: How Switzerland Will Become a Global Longevity Financial MegaHub by 2025

'Switzerland possesses completely unique strengths and synergies in the spheres of BioTech, Preventive Precision Medicine, International Policy, the Financial Industry and Advanced AI-Empowered InvestTech Solutions...'

Stefan Hascoet, Partner at Deep Knowledge Group and Longevity.Capital


Covid-19 and the Recovery of Mobility – Economics, Migration, and Governance

'As 2021 commences, global tourism remains at a virtual standstill owing to the pandemic, with any hope for a recovery dashed by the new Covid-19 variants that emerged in late December. When it comes to travel freedom, the pandemic has somewhat leveled the playing field, albeit temporarily. ...'

Alex Cresniov, Director of Deep Knowledge Analytics


Health as the New Wealth: How the Asset Class of Longevity Will Become the New Norm for Citizen and Corporate Migration

'In the next few years, several technologically advanced, small, smart states will emerge as global competitors in the development of unified longevity industry ecosystems. Some will focus on specific sectors, while others will seek to create so-called Longevity Valleys: fully integrated hubs encompassing the entire scope of the industry (including biomedicine, tech, and finance)...'

Dmitry Kaminskiy, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Deep Knowledge Group


Longevity-Progressive Countries – Retirement Destinations of the Future?

'Traditionally, retirees from prosperous countries have usually chosen to relocate to regions with favorable weather and affordable, enjoyable lifestyles. Among the key factors that make such regions attractive are their relatively inexpensive healthcare systems and other cost savings combined with their high standards of living....'

Kate Batz, Managing Partner at Longevity Capital.
Alex Cresniov, Director of Deep Knowledge Analytics.

Opportunities for Cooperation and Collaboration

Swiss Longevity Valley is interested in cooperation, collaboration and initiating dialogue from a number of relevant organizations actively involved in Swiss  Longevity Industry, including relevant policy-focused NGOs and think-tanks  to establish a framework for the coordinated development of the nation’s Longevity policies and governance sphere.

To bootstrap its activities in the realms of Longevity policy and synergetic industry development, Swiss Longevity Valley is seeking donations from key institutional and individual sponsors that are keen to see the nation manifest its latent strengths and prospects, and become the leading Longevity nation that it has the potential to be.

Growing the Swiss Longevity Ecosystem to Scale

Swiss Longevity Valley plans to work with a number of key Swiss Longevity Industry participants and stakeholders to develop a framework and blueprint for a National Longevity Development Plan to increase the national Health-Adjusted Life Expectancy (HALE) of all Swiss citizens. The scope of this plan also includes financial reform to boost the Swiss GDP and reduce the economic burden of aging population. In order to support this sphere of activity, Swiss Longevity Valley is keen to work alongside large Swiss financial institutions to roadmap initiatives capable of turning the problem of aging population into the economic opportunity of Healthy Longevity policy, politics, and scientific R&D. 

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FinTech Industry in Switzerland
Q2 2022

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SpaceTech in Switzerland
Q4 2021

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