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Swiss Longevity Valley will work with the participation of proactive corporate and institutional partners to establish a National Swiss Longevity Development Framework.

Mission and Major Goals

National Longevity Development Plans and Initiatives

Proactive engagement with Swiss Longevity Industry participants to establish a framework for a National Swiss Longevity Development Plan and Industrial Strategy to grow Switzerland’s Longevity ecosystem to scale and enable the extension of national Health-Adjusted Life Expectancy.

Cross-Sector Dialogue with All Major Longevity Industry Players

A focus on cross-sector dialogue, projects and initiatives spanning government, industry, academia and other relevant spheres of activity, Swiss Longevity Valley aims to achieve a maximum level of synergy and convergence, growing every aspect of Switzerland’s Longevity ecosystem to scale.

Coordinated Development of AI Centres for Longevity to Enable the Shift from Treatment to Prevention

Though the intensive application of AI to advanced biomedicine, Switzerland can lead the world in Precision Health, utilizing the latest innovations in AI, Longevity, Biomarkers of Ageing and Advanced Biomedicine to become the nation leading the world in preventive, personalized and precision health care for its citizens.

Support of Progressive Longevity Financial Reform to Neutralize Economic Burden of Ageing Population

Swiss Longevity Valley will work alongside large Swiss financial institutions including pension funds, insurance companies, private wealth banks and other relevant entities to roadmap initiatives and policy proposals to turn the problem of aging population into the economic opportunity of Healthy Longevity.

Transforming Switzerland into an International Healthy Longevity Hub

Developing Switzerland into A Leading Cross-Sector International Hub of Longevity Politics and Precision Health

Leading Longevity Policy Non-profit and Think Tank working to leverage the national strengths and potentials of Switzerland in order to turn the nation into a world-leading Longevity Hub through the coordinated development of Longevity Politics and Governance, the Longevity BioTech Industry, Preventive Medicine, Precision Health and the emerging Longevity Financial Industry. Leveraging Switzerland’s existing reputation as a hub for independent international policy organizations like the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, UNESCO, the World Health Organization and Others, Swiss Longevity Valley aims to turn Switzerland into the leading international hub for cross-sector and cross-nation Longevity Development projects and initiatives.

Proactive Dialogue with Industry Stakeholders

Swiss Longevity Valley will work with the participation of proactive corporate and institutional partners  to establish a National Swiss Longevity Development Framework.

Founding Members of Swiss Longevity Valley Bring Years of Relevant Experience and Expertise

The Founding members and partners of Swiss Longevity Valley bring years of relevant experience and activity to the task of coordinating these national and international Longevity Development Efforts, including Dmitry Kaminskiy, founder of Deep Knowledge Ventures (a VC firm that made its first investments into the Longevity industry in 2014, at a time when most investors did not consider it a serious prospect), Head of International Cooperation for the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity Secretariat, Founder of Aging Analytics Agency (the main source of data and analytics for the UK APPG for Longevity during 2019-2021) and the Biogerontology Research Foundation (leading Longevity-focused non-profit), and Stefan Hascoet, a Geneva-based financial industry professional with years of experience working for Swiss investment banks and other financial corporations and institutions).

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