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Contact, Cooperation & Collaboration

Swiss Longevity Valley is primarily interested in strategic collaboration with various Non-Governmental and International organizations, as well as BioTech, BioPharma and Financial Corporations (including investment banks, VC firms, insurance companies, pension funds and asset management firms) on projects and initiatives related to Longevity.


Swiss Longevity Valley is also interested in initiating dialogue on projects and initiatives that can help develop Switzerland’s Longevity Biomedicine, Preventive Medicine, Precision Healthy and Longevity Financial Industries to scale in order to deliver both an increase in national Healthy Longevity as well as economic benefits to the nation itself by boosting GDP and neutralizing the economic burden of ageing population by adding extra years of healthy, functional productivity to Swiss citizens.

Proposal for Cooperation and Collaboration

Swiss Longevity Valley is interested in strategic partnerships and collaborations with a number of relevant counterparties in order to succeed in its mission to make Switzerland a renowned international Longevity hub.

Cooperation with International and Non-Governmental Organizations

Swiss Longevity Valley is interested in cooperation, collaboration and initiating dialogue from a number of relevant organizations actively involved in Swiss Longevity Industry, including relevant policy-focused NGOs and think-tanks  to establish a framework for the coordinated development of the nation’s Longevity politics sphere.

Cooperation and Sponsorship with Biomedical and Financial Institutions

Swiss Longevity Valley plans to work with a number of key Swiss Longevity Industry participants and stakeholders to develop a framework and blueprint for a Government-led National Longevity Development Plan to increase the national Health-Adjusted Life Expectancy (HALE) of all Swiss citizens. The scope of this plan also includes financial reform to boost Swiss GDP and reduce the economic burden of aging population. In order to support this sphere of activity, Swiss Longevity Valley is keen to work alongside large Swiss financial institutions including pension funds, insurance companies, private wealth banks and asset management firms to roadmap initiatives and policy proposals capable of turning the problem of aging population into the economic opportunity of Healthy Longevity.

Donations from Individual and Institutional Sponsors

In order to bootstrap its activities in the realms of Longevity policy and synergetic industry development, Swiss Longevity Valley is seeking donations from key institutional and individual sponsors that are keen to see the nation manifest its latent strengths and prospects, and become the leading Longevity nation that it has the potential to be.

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