Current & Planned Initiatives

Joint Production of Longevity Industry in Switzerland Report by Longevity Swiss Foundation and Aging Analytics Agency

Longevity Swiss Foundation, in coordination with Aging Analytics Agency, have released a comprehensive analytical report that delivers an end-to-end landscape overview of the Longevity Industry in Switzerland, identifying all major players in the nation’s Longevity ecosystem, ranging from companies to investors, governmental organizations, non-profits, R&D hubs, scientists, influencers and more, identifying key trends and outlining projections for the industry’s near-future.

This report offers key insights and conclusions that can serve as major inputs for many of Longevity Swiss Foundation’s major goals for its 2019 - 2020 agenda, and can serve to significantly inform the overall formulation and strategy of its initiatives to support the development of the Swiss Longevity ecosystem, and to help make Swiss an international leader in Longevity biotechnology, biomedicine, policy, politic,  governance and financial reform.

The report will be followed up my an extended and more comprehensive edition in Q1 2020, featuring a more sophisticated analytical framework.

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Development of AI Centres for Financial Wellness

Coordinated Development of AI Centres for Financial Wellness to Enable Financial Stability Over Extended Periods of Healthy Longevity for Swiss Citizens, Applying Advances in WealthTech and AgeTech

Given both its status as an international BioTech epicentre, combined with its reputation for being one of the most progressive countries in terms of its financial industry and FinTech sector, the prospects for Switzerland to lead the world in the development of its Longevity Financial Industry are extremely strong. As a core component of its mission to develop Switzerland into a leading international Longevity Financial Industry hub,  Longevity Swiss Foundation also plans on roadmapping the development of complimentary AI Centres for Financial Wellness.

Synergetic Development Alongside AI Centres for Longevity to Cover Full Scope of Healthy Longevity

Whereas the proposed AI Centres for Longevity would focus on optimizing health into old age, this centre would focus on the application of AI to the creation of methods and technologies to promote wellness in the elderly in all aspects of life besides health, ranging from financial wellness, continuing education, happiness, psychological well being, neuroplasticity and active social involvement.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis to Maximize the Economic Opportunities of Extended Health-Adjusted Life Expectancy and to Neutralize the Economic Burdens of Ageing Population

Considering the vast amount of data and information about citizens being collected by financial institutions, telecom companies, etc., there are a large number of options and avenues for how AI, machine learning, big data analysis and other predictive analytical systems could utilize that data to create personalized recommendations for how citizens 60 years and older can optimize their lifestyles and behaviours to achieve a high degree of wellness, stability and social involvement and activity. The establishment of dedicated centres focusing on providing companies active in this space with advanced AI-driven support and solutions will help optimize products and services aiming to improve the overall, lifetime wellness of elderly individuals in all aspects of life besides health.

Supporting the Coordinated Development of Artificial Intelligence Centres for Longevity in Key Swiss BioTech R&D Hubs

Aging Analytics Agency and the Biogerontology Research Foundation were also critical in the planning and development of the recently launched Longevity AI Consortium at King’s College London, in partnership with Ageing Research at King's and  University of Zurich, which will will serve as a leading R&D hub and industry-academic hotspot for advanced AI-driven personalized preventive diagnostics, prognostics and therapeutics. The main concept of precision medicine is providing health care which  is individually tailored on the basis of a person’s genes, lifestyle and environment. With the advances in genetics, artificial intelligence and the growing availability of health data, present an opportunity to make precise personalized patient care a clinical reality. King’s College London is an ideal location for the first Longevity AI Consortium in the UK because it has dedicated divisions and resources both for AI and for Longevity. 

Given Switzerland’s extremely advanced state of preventive medicine clinics, as well as its extremely robust reputation for strong and effective industry-academic BioTech hubs, the Longevity Swiss Foundation has plans to support the formation and development of several Longevity AI Consortium across Switzerland, and will make this a core part of its strategic agenda for 2019-2020.

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