Agenda for 2019 - 2020

Seasoned and Experienced Founding Partners with Years of Experience in Supporting the Development of Government-led Longevity Development Plans and Sophisticated Longevity Industry Analytics

Aging Analytics Agency and the Biogerontology Research Foundation were instrumental in the initial groundwork and establishment of the UK APPG for Longevity, whereas Aging Analytics Agency provided key data, analytics and informational inputs for the APPG for Longevity, and whereas the Biogerontology Research Foundation provided the initial financing that enabled implementation of its first scope of activities.

The Launch of Longevity Swiss Foundation to Support the Development of Switzerland into a World-Leading Longevity Biomedicine, Policy, Politics, Governance and Progressive Financial Industry Hub

The founders and executives of these two entities have plans to establish a similarly-purposed entity in Switzerland, given that the country’s policy-related ecosystem and its scientific and financial industry-related environment are quite matured, to a similar level as in the UK, which provides excellent grounds for launching a non-profit Swiss Longevity Foundation to structure the initial scope of activities and accumulate the initial budget to establish a Longevity Committee within the Swiss Parliament. 

Cross-Sector Engagement with Government, Industry, Academic, Private-Sector and Public-Sector Stakeholders to Maximize the Reach and Inclusivity of the Swiss Foundation’s Projects and Activities

The Longevity Swiss Foundation will simultaneously engage with a number of relevant Swiss Longevity companies and financial corporations interested in the emerging markets of Longevity Medicine, AgeTech and Longevity WealthTech including private wealth banks, insurance companies, pension funds, family offices, etc, as well as engagements with broader international organizations like the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, United Nations-related organizations, etc. Our aim is to establish this foundation formally by August - September 2019, and within half a year from its launch to aggregate around 200.000 CHF from approximately 10 sponsors, who will also provide active support in the form of strategic development, establishment of good relations with relevant Swiss counter-parties, and support of other matters within Switzerland generally and in Geneva, Zurich and Bern in particular, as well as in Lichtenstein, considering that the prince of Liechtenstein (Prince Michael von Lichtenstein)  has already established a similar foundation within his own borders, and is very much interested in the topic of Longevity.